Estate Planning

Estate planning is something everyone needs to do, and most people put off. If you have a young family, or fast-paced career, you may put off estate planning because the demands of daily life seem to take precedence. Many people are uncomfortable wit… Read More

Advanced Estate Planning & Succession Planning

All adults, regardless of the amount of assets they own, need to have an estate plan consisting of a Last Will and Testament, financial and medical Powers of Attorney, and perhaps a living revocable trust. Some situations and needs, however, call for… Read More

Trust Administration

In recent years, trusts have become increasingly popular as an estate planning tool. Trusts keep assets out of probate, and have other advantages as well. The creator (grantor) of a revocable living trust can use and enjoy trust assets during their l… Read More

Probate Administration

Probate is the court-supervised process of settling the estate of a deceased person (decedent). Unlike many states, Florida probate matters generally require the involvement of a licensed attorney to administer the estate. The Florida Probate Code pr… Read More